Ed Owen

e-mail eowen@data-time.com


  • Proven leader and manager in high technology, from software and web development to technical communications.
    • Extensive experience selecting, managing, and deploying enterprise-level software and web platforms, including large-scale migrations and technology paradigm shifts.
    • Significant experience developing high quality software for the consumer market, under tight deadlines and within budget.
    • Web site development and management experience with robust, interactive, dynamic web sites.
    • Over 10 years of experience managing technical communications activities in a global environment, including the technology platforms and XML standards involved.
  • Unique combination of technical, creative, and management skills. Able to understand operations at all levels and to lead both technical and creative team members. Skilled at working across organizational and functional boundaries to achieve results.
  • Process- and detail-oriented, because it leads to quality. Able to improve existing systems and create innovative new ones in response to changing circumstances. Versed in both traditional and Agile development methodologies.


2011-Present — Wind River, an Intel Company, Alameda, CA

Senior Manager of Customer Experience Infrastructure, 2016-Present (Details...)
Senior Manager of Information Development Infrastructure, 2013-2016 (Details...)
Manager of Information Development Infrastructure, 2011-2013 (Details...)

Maker of software for embedded, mobile, and "Internet of Things" applications.

  • Manage a geographically distributed team that develops and supports the enterprise-level software infrastructure for the company's digital customer experience, from corporate web site to customer support web portals to CRM integrations.
  • Using sprint-based, Agile-inspired practices, collaborate with teams of content engineers, technical writers, and video producers to provide customers highly technical product documentation and training, authored in DITA and delivered on the web.
  • Led the migration of the company's support web site, including tens of thousands of pieces of content, from an in-house Oracle-based system to a more modern SaaS offering (MindTouch).
  • Lead the ongoing development of tools and processes to support continuous, on-demand publication of content to this support web site.
  • Led a successful paradigm shift from unstructured, book-based authoring to structured, topic-based authoring using XML-based publishing and the DITA standard.

2003-2011 — Sony Computer Entertainment, Information Design and Development, Foster City, CA

Department Manager, 2008-2011 (Details...)
Technical Information Design and Development Manager, 2006-2008 (Details...)
Project Manager, 2004-2006 (Details...)
Consultant, 2003 (Details...)

Headquarters group providing information design, technical communications, translation, and software localization services and consultancy for the global PlayStation business and other parts of Sony.

  • Acted in a general operations management role across all departmental functions, after holding a series of increasingly responsible positions in technical communications management.
  • Oversaw project management, editorial, and production staff responsible for creating technical documentation for the Software Development Kits (SDKs) for various PlayStation consoles in English and Japanese.
  • Created standard workflows, processes, and project management systems for department functions, often where none existed before.
  • Managed, improved, and created from scratch the technology platform to support these standards, from enterprise content management systems to customized project management databases and database publishing systems.
  • Designed, authored, and maintained custom documentation automation tools to increase the efficiency of technical documentation production, specializing in XML- and XSLT-based tools.

2003-2004 — Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Database Programmer/Consultant, 2003-2004 (Details...)

Pharmaceutical start-up investigating organic compounds with potential drug applications.

  • Re-designed and re-implemented a relational FileMaker Pro 7 database containing research and clinical data on the studied compounds.
  • Added new database features and reporting to support evolving client needs, including advanced chemical structure search capabilities.

2000-2003 — Team Sheeper MultiSport, Atherton, CA

Employee #4, Director of Technology, 2000-2003 (Details...)

Self-funded start-up providing coaching and other services to swimmers, runners, and triathletes.

  • Helped launch company, increase membership 150%, and grow revenues to a quarter-million dollars in 2002.
  • Built technology infrastructure from scratch, including billing and e-commerce.
  • Designed, implemented, and managed web site, including Internet-based remote coaching service.

1994-1999 — The Learning Company / Broderbund / Mattel, Fremont, CA and Carlsbad, CA

Development Director, 1998-1999 (Details...)
Executive Producer, 1996-1998 (Details...)
Producer, 1995-1996 (Details...)
Assistant Producer, 1994-1995 (Details...)

Publisher of educational, reference, and lifestyle consumer software.

  • Held series of increasingly responsible positions in product development for a line of multimedia reference, home productivity, and lifestyle software on CD-ROM. (List of product credits...)
  • Advanced rapidly over five years from assistant producer on a single title to lead producer on company's flagship encyclopedia product to executive producer/development director overseeing technical production of entire product lines and their staff.
  • Oversaw the development and release of more than 15 software products, on time and within budgets ranging from $50,000 to $1.2 million.
  • Directly managed team of up to 8 software engineers working in C++ for Windows; managed other cross-disciplinary groups as large as 15.

1991-1993 — Let's Go, Inc., Cambridge, MA and Northeast Spain

Production Manager, 1993 (Details...)
Assistant Editor, 1992 (Details...)
Researcher/Writer, 1991 (Details...)

Publisher of best-selling series of budget travel guidebooks.

  • Oversaw production of 20 titles, from text entry to layout to offset press.
  • Edited copy from researcher/writers in the field for Let's Go: Mexico.
  • Traveled alone for six weeks in northeast Spain, researching, writing, and revising Let's Go: Spain & Portugal.


1989-1993 — Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Arts
Phi Beta Kappa in Hispanic Studies, Cum Laude General Studies

  • Majority of coursework in Spanish and Spanish American literature and Latin American history. Harvard GPA of 14.34 (A-, 3.84).
  • Four-year member of varsity swim team, elected captain.


Software and systems development skills

  • 3+ years experience developing web sites and web-based applications using Node.js, MediaWiki, Perl/CGI, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and other web technologies.
  • Lead my teams with "Agile lite" — scrums, sprints, and JIRA for task and user story tracking.
  • JIRA power user, including extraction of data via API for custom reporting.
  • Experienced source control system user, primarily Git (with Atlassian Stash/Bitbucket servers, SourceTree and TortoiseGit clients; using Gitflow) and Subversion (SVN).
  • Work in partnership with engineering teams following formal Agile development methods and using Rally.
  • Conversant in several computer languages and scripting tools, including JavaScript, Perl, PHP, C, C#, and C++. (View University of California Extension coursework in programming...)

Extensive web, multimedia, and publishing skills

  • Deep experience with the DITA XML standard, including planning and executing the transition from unstructured authoring to DITA, selection of component content management systems and other tools, migration from FrameMaker, and roll out of DITA within the information development organization. Current deployment uses the Ixiasoft DITA CMS with oXygen editor.
  • Extensive experience using XML and XSLT to perform database publishing and automated documentation conversion.
  • Survivor of a migration to the MindTouch SaaS support/customer success web site platform.
  • Extensive experience with Windows and OS X environments, as well as familiarity with UNIX (Linux, Solaris).

Strong enterprise and database application experience

  • Extensive experience designing and building FileMaker Pro database solutions (through version 14), including WebDirect deployments.
  • Experience with MySQL databases and light-weight web services (REST APIs).
  • Advanced administrative experience with Stellent Content Management System (CMS) and Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), including managing an upgrade and content migration from one version to another.

Strong writing and editorial background

  • Strong grasp of the editorial requirements for technical communications from lengthy experience managing and recruiting technical editors and writers for this function.
  • Strong research and writing skills from Let's Go research as well as work on campus journalistic publications in both college and secondary school.
  • Experienced editor of journalistic, literary, and travel prose.

Spanish and other language abilities

  • Fading fluency in Spanish; solid oral and verbal skills in Italian.
  • Have lived abroad in Europe for extended periods.

Other Background